Marisa Velez

Marisa is an MSW Intern through Fordham University, as well as the Office Manager and Evaluation Intake Coordinator at Freedom First Psychological Services. Marisa provides therapy services to children, adolescents, and young adults.

Marisa has had experience working therapeutically with children and families. She has also provided services to adults with developmental disabilities and severe mental illness in a residential setting. She has worked with clients in residential, at-home, and outpatient settings.

Marisa completed her Bachelor’s in Social Work with a minor in Gender and Women Studies at SUNY Plattsburgh. During her undergraduate years, she worked in group settings with survivors of sexual violence and young adults with anxiety and depression. Marisa completed an internship with Healthy Families, focusing on early childhood development and child abuse prevention.

Marisa uses a collaborative approach in treatment. She utilizes cognitive behavioral techniques, as well as trauma-informed care to create an individualized, client focused approach. Marisa also incorporates mindfulness techniques with an emphasis on overall wellness.

Marisa's therapy services are private pay at a reduced rate.