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Marissa Squillace, MHC

Marissa is a Mental Health Counselor with Freedom First Psychological Services, providing therapy services to couples and adults. 

Marissa Squillace received her M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University with a concentration in trauma, grief, and loss. She believes in the power of the therapeutic relationship and working with clients to create a safe space. Marissa’s goal is to support her clients in developing insight and expanding their coping skills, as well as processing trauma, grief and loss. Marissa is passionate about working with individuals and couples who seek to make meaningful changes in their lives and relationships. \\

Marissa utilizes many different approaches, such as mindfulness-based practices, the Gottman method, expressive arts, CBT, DBT, and IFS. She holds a certification in Dancing Mindfulness and incorporates movement into her practice as needed to help clients move through trauma. Marissa strives to show up as her authentic self and believes people thrive when they feel genuinely seen and heard. Her goal is for each client to experience positive change, fueled by the transformative power of someone taking the time to engage in their world.

In her free time, Marissa is a volunteer on a non-profit board for infant loss awareness. She enjoys gardening, taking her dog on nature walks, and spending time with her loved ones.