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Why Freedom First ABA?

You may be wondering how the Autism Services at Freedom First Psychological differ from those elsewhere.

Using research to tailor our program, our services, while focused on ABA, encompass a holistic approach. After many years in the field,

our clinicians realized some things were missing from the traditional view of Applied Behavior Analysis: namely, the piece that includes parents, encourages parents, and supports parents on this journey. Freedom First ABA encourages parents to see data as a visual growth chart for their child. Parents are encouraged to be an ongoing part of their child’s treatment planning, with guidance from highly trained staff. Overall, we promote a collectivist, not just individualistic, experience.


Research suggests that parents of children with ASD often

feel isolated from friends and their communities. Parents of children with Autism often report a lack of social support and lack of social understanding as contributing factors. For mothers in particular, family, friends, healthcare workers, and other mothers of children with ASD are viewed as essential mediators to help with self-disclosure and well-being. Some parents also find inspiration and hope through peer example, that is, drawing upon success stories of others in similar situations.


At Freedom First, we offer not only ABA services for your

child, but also parent education and individual counseling services for you. Whether you participate in our center or in your own home, we'll be with you through every step. From your initial meeting to monthly parent consultations with our Autism Services Program Coordinator, we aim to keep you closely informed about your child’s progress and any areas that you would like to learn more about.

If you choose our center services, while your child is engaging in their therapy, you can participate in your own simultaneously if you’d like. Our therapy staff offer their services just down the hall. Why not experience your own personal growth and have someone to support you while your child does as well?


In addition, our waiting room can be used as a place to recharge while your child is receiving their services. We offer WiFi, coffee, books, and quiet. Connect with other parents, take time for yourself, or participate in therapy with your child.

We encourage it all.